Protecting Our Oceans: Highlighting Two Impactful Organizations

Protecting Our Oceans: Highlighting Two Impactful Organizations
To kick off the Earth Month, we want to introduce you to two amazing ocean conservation organizations that we have proudly supported last year as part of our "Profit for Sea" social impact initiative, as well as to highlight some of the impactful work they are doing to protect our oceans. If you would like to support their projects too, please consider making a donation on their websites.

Surfrider Foundation NYC
The Surfrider Foundation NYC is a non-profit organization that's dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's beaches and oceans for all people. They work tirelessly to address issues such as plastic reduction, ocean protection, beach access, coast, and clean water. The organization's recent campaigns include Hudson Canyon conservation, Skip the Stuff Bill, and the Better Bottle Bill.

The Hudson Canyon is an underwater canyon that's home to a variety of marine species. Unfortunately, this area is under threat from commercial fishing, oil and gas drilling, and deep-sea mining. Surfrider Foundation NYC is working to protect the Hudson Canyon by advocating for its designation as a marine protected area.

The Skip the Stuff Bill campaign calls for a ban in NYC on restaurants and food delivery services from providing single-use plastic utensils and condiments packets for take-out orders unless specifically requested by customers.

The Better Bottle Bill campaign expands on the current Bottle Bill with the aim to further reduce litter, increasing recycling rates, and expand access to recycling infrastructure.

In addition to these campaigns, the Surfrider Foundation NYC also hosts Beach Cleanup Experience Days for volunteers.

To learn more about the Surfrider Foundation NYC and get involved in their campaigns, visit their website at

Oceanic Global

Oceanic Global is an International non-profit organization dedicated to providing inspirations and solutions to protect the ocean. They empower individuals, organizations, and governments to take action to create a healthier ocean environment.

One of their recent projects, "COP27: The Ocean Climate Appeal," identifies the ocean as a priority in solving the climate crisis and seeks to amplify public awareness and commitment to place ocean center stage in the global climate agenda.

Through roundtable series on "Creating a Common Agenda For Our Shared Ocean," they aim to foster inclusive dialogue and drive a strong ocean-climate focus on the agenda within the UNFCCC framework, other UN processes and global convenings.

Oceanic Global also creates a variety of educational resources to raise awareness about ocean conservation. Their website and Instagram feature beautiful info graphics that highlight the importance and the beauty of the ocean, as well as the threats that it faces.

To learn more about Oceanic Global and their initiatives, visit their website at

We're so grateful for their efforts in protecting our beautiful blue planet and can't wait to keep supporting their causes. Let's make every month Earth Month!