At For Sea and Oats, we are committed to providing products of the highest quality for our customers while making positive impacts to our planet.

Low-waste Products

Our products are packaged with plastic-free and biodegradable materials. All of our paper boxes are made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste. On average, each product saves 2 plastic bottles. 

Many of our products are carefully handmade in the form of solid bars. The production process consumes significantly less water and energy.

Plastic-free Shipping

Mindfully curated from several eco-friendly suppliers, our shipping materials consist of fully recyclable and naturally compostable corrugated boxes, paper tape, paper mailers, and paper filler. More than 80% of the materials are also made from recycled post-consumer wastes.

Carbon Offset

We offset carbon emissions from our order fulfillment by supporting the Kenya Burn Stoves Projects via Carbon Fund. The project provides local communities with energy efficient cookware, which are manufactured at a solar powered factory in Nairobi and use 45% less charcoal while cooking. This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while tackling health conditions caused by traditional cooking smoke.

We are currently working to achieve carbon-neutrality in all aspects of our operation, including supply chain and day-to-day business.

#ProfitsForSea Initiative

In addition to offsetting our carbon footprint from orders shipment, we donate a portion of profits to support ocean conservation causes to fight plastic pollution.

We believe that education and information sharing are crucial forces for driving positive change. Our  Profits for Sea Blog is a platform for documenting our project progress under the initiative, as well as a resource for ocean pollution education and a guide for eco-friendly living inspirations.

Any suggestions, please let us know.